PSA: 8tracks is shutting down



Popular fanmix and fan soundtrack website 8tracks recently announced that it will be shutting down on December 31, 2019. While the site might be available after this date, there’s no guarantee it will stay up – so if you’re a fanmix or fan soundtrack creator (or have created any type of playlist on 8tracks), now is a very good time to save the data from your playlists or make them available on another site.

What can I do to save my playlists?

If you’ve used 8tracks at any point, the site will be sending you an email with the playlist name, art, description and track list from your
playlist(s), to help you recreate it/them on another site. It’s a good
idea to make sure that you can still access the email address you used
to sign up to 8tracks.

You can also use the Download Tracklist
button in the notes of any playlist to copy all of the information from
that playlist, and the “Save playlist to Spotify” button on top of the
mix art to save a playlist to Spotify. Note that some of the tracks may
be unavailable or not matched to Spotify’s catalog, particularly if they
are older songs. Please also be aware that if you are saving someone
else’s playlist, the playlist will not be attributed to the correct
author when saving to Spotify – it will be saved under your name.

Other sites that can be used to create and share playlists of songs include Playmoss (a popular alternative to 8tracks) and YouTube.

Archiving links to fanmixes and fan soundtracks

Another very important thing to do is to use the Wayback Machine to archive the links to your favourite fanmixes and fan soundtracks. This can be done even if you don’t want to or aren’t able to republish the mix on another site. To do this, enter the URL of the mix in the box next to “Browse History” and select the button to see if it’s already archived. If not, you can select “Save this url in the Wayback Machine” to add it to the archive. 

Be aware that saving playlists in the Wayback Machine will preserve the creator’s name, the description and the cover art, but not the track list – this can only be saved by downloading the text file.

Link your playlists on Fanlore!

Have you made a fanmix or fan soundtrack that you’re really proud of? Do you want other fans to be able to enjoy the links to your favourite mixes and soundtracks? Please add the links to Fanlore

You can do this by finding the page for the fandom, ship, character, trope, fic, etc. that you made the mix for and adding it as an example fanwork. Anyone who has an account on Fanlore can edit the wiki – and it’s completely free! Follow this link to sign up to Fanlore, and check out our New Visitor Portal to find out how to get started with editing.

Some examples of Fanlore pages that feature playlists and mixes:

If you have many 8track pages to submit to the Wayback Machine, you can send them in bulk via this method Also, if you need help downloading multiple playlist text files, you can send a list of the playlist links to No guarantees that will be able to get to them, but will be happy to try

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